November 30, 2011

Living Proof

Chief lays down some bars that got me like.. das hot!.. check it out here and be the judge
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shouts to Ricky Nyce on da film..(@ricknyce_beats)

November 29, 2011

Fiesta en la cabeza

The newest Sent over from the Kewlest


The Jeff Krew..

Here we have Jordan R. last one to the right hes been a memeber of the group since he was only aloud to kick push onda porch.. Now he does it down the  I was riding through the hood when i seen him and his gang onda Jeff, so heres your photo opp guys

November 28, 2011

Bake the Fuckin Rhime!

Bakery Boys at it again this time around they did a personal favorite from the Bakery Boys: First Batch mixtape. Go get that tape from the music download section and enjoy these baked goods...

November 23, 2011


 We Gone Makeit..
In a recent business trip to NY good friend Andreas Shaw invited us to the dopest gallery.. check it out..

November 15, 2011


check the niggas on bikes out in NY. Dem street bais had a jammy jam this is the footy. Enjoy. peep their blog too


Filly's own Swain doing it big for bmx & the 215 
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Backwood HotBoxin




Wanna know more about @ScorpDaBoy ?

Watch him cause hes gonemakeit....
DaBoy Tatz.... DaBoy Rapz....
 #TatzByDaBoy #AntiGravitiyGang #WeedOut #HoodBoy

November 14, 2011

Super Wicked Awesome Gangster Mixtape

The homie Diabolicool has released his highly anticipated mixtape. With features from some bake boys affiliates this is sure to be some villainous hot shit. check it out. peep The Bakery Boys Tumblr and Diabolicools Tumblr

November 10, 2011

November 04, 2011

Get on his Level..

the sport of lacrosse was introduced to me by pure luck. i was just starting middle school at mastery charter high and my literature teacher was telling me about lacrosse.A couple of days after that the school secretary made an announcement over the loud speaker saying, "Any young men interested in boys lacrosse, there will be a meeting in the cafeteria at 3pm.I met my first coach and from then on i fell in love with the sport

Growing up in philly always brought up the question,"'what sport is that" i was so excited to bestow knowledge unto someone who never heard of it so i always answered any questions to the best of my knowing.I really just want to make it with lacrosse to college and maybe even someday the pro level but for the time being i want to consult recreation centers and try to fund money in order to get a team