September 18, 2011

Parking Wars?

-= Mobile Upload from @DaBoljerm =-
Thursday night Myself,jerm,and Lil Nate was riding causing havoc in the streets
we stopped thru drexel to drop off one of our homies. The 711 lot around the corner was empty
so we took advantage and parked. Parking customers then had to deal with the F!

Tree 4our

More from the O so great everyday spitting Cloudy Jr
Here we have days 3&4's tracks
Forever (prod by CrisCundy) x She will Ft. Daba
Both dope ass tracks dat are sure to have u "Bust da Pussy open"

September 16, 2011

Day2 for 1

CLOUDY  continuing his track a day to keep the dope trackers at bay is still on play.. 
check this dope shit out out
Bars over the Otis x Yoko beats.

September 13, 2011

September 08, 2011

sk8 comp!

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Join us on Saturday, September 10th, 1pm - 5pm at Miles Mack Playground located at 36th and Aspen Streets in West Philadelphia for the 2011 US Championships of Freestyle Skateboarding!  The event is free but all proceeds from booth rentals and concessions will support Franklin's Paine and our Gear for Groms program.  Please note the location change and that the event will be held on Saturday only. We hope to see you there!

Now in theaters

September 05, 2011

Adventure time?

Back to school time, enough witda lolli gagging lets let em know we inda books

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Just another day inda hood,Tryna Makeit!...

The One

A choice I choose to take no mistake they shall debate. But I, am my representation
-Jalil Muhammad Asadi Simpson