June 16, 2014


Look out for this Filly face cause hes got potential.
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June 11, 2014

Vu$hu Visuals

From the Pink Titties Tape
Fuck Sobriety

"New visual for james vu$hu . This project was somewhat of an experiment for me . I wanted to create a vibe and a feel that capture what he was saying and I believe I did that . With james v being a ghost it was fun to be able to work with someone as creative as him . I hope you feel the new wave and the style which I'm going for"
- Andre Maliik 

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June 10, 2014


Much respect and condolences to any person who has lost thier parent(s)

Due to Cardiac Aressest a fathers son aims for the higher route in life, taking on his challenges and phobias with no fear.
Along side him a brother of blood and a brother of hood keep determination strong.
Graduating from Chichester high school this year he worked in-sync with a class mate who provided the visuals.
Very clean work, great audio cant waint to see whats next
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June 08, 2014

Asadi 2.0

 So I recently took my 2yo son to the Philly Pump Track
it was a blast to see him and a young girl both on balance bikes.
Not many people understand the style of bike when seen and immediately ask
"Where are the Pedals?"
But when told of it being a "balance bike" opinions of its loss seems to be influenced