October 26, 2011

Smokey Weathers

"My goal is to change the world so i figured music is a good place to start at" -Fastlife

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"I Started because i felt like music took a turn for the worst, and the artist that were revelant in pop culture were not giving us the people the dope lyrics like MC Breed did back in the day or even the beetles"

How did you find out about FNTM
Yo the first time I met Jalil(FNTM) I just moved to NYC and was going to Parsons, The New School . I went to the club or some shit my first weekend up there and when I left he was outside baggin the chicks I was planning on getting lol shit was like that for the next 3 days straight lol after that we started kickin it round 13th street Manhattan and from there we never lost contact

So whats you plans since your "Darkness" mixtape?
My plans since dropping the tape woww , well i am doing a college tour throughout the southeast region starting within the next few days . I'm dropping " the darkness part 2 " sometime in November and other than that i will be everywhere on the grind pushing myself and the movement hella shows tho man ill be going to japan to start recording my 1st album for major music soon too but yo i been on the grind since i left parsons homie this shits is really picking up now ya feel me like when i first started rapping my peers wasn't diggint it because of the fact my lyrics were truly on 1 lol but now i feel like the world is ready to hear so I'm just going to keep working and striving to be the OFFICIAL " voice of my generation

Whats something special you want the people to know?
something special about me is the fact that i had a record deal on the table from Atlantic records around this time last year and i didn't take out cuz i refuse to sell out like one of these mainstream niggaz I'm trying to do something new .
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Anonymous said...

Ed has talent he's going to make it big I can tell. His previous work was dope but The Darkness is on a whole other level.

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