January 28, 2012

Encore dont stop

Big ups to @MistaEncore for hitting up with his
Productivity, Advancement of Lifestyle
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Mista Encore A up and coming rapper/producer from Long Branch, NJ. Is happy to announce the 4th video off his debut Ep Victory Is Mine is now up! "Just Might Make It" is the 4th single off his Victory Is Mine project. He produced this song and the whole 7 song project entirely by himself. The video was directed and shot by Jon Edwards(Jonney.com) on location in Central Park(NYC) and in his hometown Long Branch, NJ. 
Check out the video 

also peep "Never Stop"

 I dig sites like "WeGoneMakeit" for giving underdog artists like myself a chance to be heard. I'm trying to get as many eyes on this as possible! As always I appreciate every post and listen I get! Stay focused and stay blessed!
-Mista Encore

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