May 29, 2013

E Grizzly- Generation 01000001 (Mixtape)


Generation A is a free mix by E. Grizzly
Generation A is a free mix by
written to the production of RJD2. All the songs on Generation A are remixed, rearranged versions of RJD2 beats with E. Grizzly dropping his poetic, philosophical lyricism on top. It’s E. Grizzly’s 3rd mix release with Philly Kid Group in the past 16 months. Generation A was recorded and mixed by producer 9th Element at PKG Studios in Philadelphia.
“I feel obligated to write these songs,” says E. Grizzly. “I just want to share what helped me get through all the psychological bullshit in my life. Hopefully the songs can help someone else get through the same things I dealt with. The RJD2 beats just happened to fit perfectly with what I was writing.”

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