January 09, 2017

2017 : Productively Advancing Lifestyle

The New Year is bringing in some amazing things for FNTM. In case you have been living under a rock, FNTM's umbrella hosts an array of artistry that features photographers, radio hosts, bloggers, aerosol artists, apparel designers, webpage/web app creators, musicians, illustrators, bmx-ers, skaters and freelance graphic designers.

Don't worry if you don't see the About Me section featuring all of the talented, skilled and driven squad members. Our new page is under way and you will get a first hand look at all of the current members who are pushing the boundaries in the city of Brotherly Love. In the meantime, support your local artists' by showing love!

With just nine days into the New Year, FNTM squad is making it happen. "We Gon Make It" so we are laying down the foundation and starting the New Year off the right way.

First things' first: If you have not tuned into Episode 1 of the "You In The Way" podcast, well you in the way!
Get your life together and check out the latest news, views and opinions from our guys at https://soundcloud.com/you-in-the-way/you-in-the-way-podcast-epi-1 on Soundcloud!

Thanks to the lovely Laweless Lane, BreadSquad has a new artist page and newly designed Chibis! For full access on BreadSquad, check out www.breadsquad.tk for all their upcoming events and new music.

I know that I don't have to tell you all to check out the awesome crazy mix of music from Aotoeband. These guys are super talented musicians who are taking 2017 by storm! Check out their latest music project https://soundcloud.com/an-odd-turn-of-events/sets/an-eventful-afternoon

And did you hear about the newest attribute?  FNTM's very own King Loafy is creating, packaging and distributing Bread Buttons and Pin Ups! And that's not the only good news. In the month of January, we are discounting the Bread Buttons! Who wouldn't want awesome custom made buttons and pins for 2 for $5.00?

So what kind of buttons and pins can we make for you? Well you are in luck, because we can make whatever you like. We make sports memorabilia, unique artwork, family photos, personalization's, casual and business logos in specialty fonts and sizes.

Check out our Instagram @BreadsButtons to purchase your very own button and/or pin or send us a DM describing your wants and needs for personalized products!


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