March 13, 2012

FNTM|BMX: Andy Fortini

Interview with Andy Fortini

We: How are you tryna makeit?
Andy: Taking photos and filming shit everyday.

We: where are you from,
Andy: I’m from Perth on the west coast of Australia. It’s the most isolated city in the world.
 We: Your experience riding w/" Da Bandit" Jalil
Andy: I remember riding with him at L.E.S park in NYC. I’d been in the states for about 2 days and ended up riding through traffic and at that park with him and a bunch of the NY and NJ guys. The first legit BMX video I ever watched was Can I Eat? So getting to ride in NYC with all those guys was a childhood dream come true.

We: Your feelings on riding bmx.
Andy: Man BMX is the best. BMX was the first thing that I tried and actually stuck with when I was young. BMX is the reason I have met so many rad people and the excuse to travel around. It instantly makes me feel better whenever I’m feeling shitty or stressed out.

We: Tell us about your travels,
Andy: I lived in Washington DC for 5 months and got to check out NYC, San Fransisco, Sacramento and Austin while I was in the USA. I just got back from a few weeks in India which was the gnarliest trip of my life. I’ve had the chance to travel around a heap of country towns in Western Australia to judge and run BMX and Skateboarding comps thanks to Freestyle Now.

Andy: Just paid for my flights to Melbourne in April. I’ve never been to the east coast of Australia so I’m excited to check it out.

 We: How long do you think you will ride bikes for.
Andy: Till my body falls apart. I want to keep riding for as long as I can. Eventually when my body can’t keep up I’ll have to start settling down so I gotta make the most of being young.

We: Whats your bike injury record.
Andy: Broke my jaw and nose and smacked out my front teeth when I was 19. 6 months later I broke 4 vertabrae and snapped all the ligaments in my neck trying to front flip a dirt jump. Apart from that a few stitches here and there and countless sprained ankles.

We: Your opion of FNTM|3686 and the WEGONEMAKEIT blog
Andy: Jalil is legit. It’s just logical that FNTM is gonna be tight.

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