June 04, 2012

James Visa:Jimmy Versace


We: What made you start rapping and why do you like it?
JV: I started rapping because honestly i just love music. I know it sounds hella cliche, but music is a high priority in my life. It's just unexplainable. I used to write poetry when i was younger. So i said fuck it, let me write some shit and put it on a beat. I like it because, i get a chance to explain what my life is like and what i'm surrounded by.

We: Hows the Cali life?,Describe your hood and how your environment has made you who your are
JV: Cali.. Man Cali, is lit. It's diverse as fuck. So you get a chance to see different styles and cultures. I love that i'm from here. We all know the trees are superb.. So know point of going in on that. People i'm around range from real ass thugs to hipsters and stoners. So i know and see two different sides of life. And that shit molded me to who i am today. Dress like a fucking caucasion, but never been no bitch.. You know.

We:  What do you know about FILLY?
JV: I don't know much, but i know philly grimey.. As far as in the hood and shit.

We: What do you know about FNTM?
JV: Shits ched.. I'm feeling it. And that bmx shit is tight to me. Always wanted to bmx but that scarred shit got a nigguh shook aha.. But i'm all for the FNTM movement, fucks with it.

We:  Tell us a cool "JV" story
JV: I'ma keep it light.. The cool stories i'd have for you is when me and my yam nation nigguhs be out zomb'n thru cities. But we're always so fucked up, we never can remember shit. Like all the cool, funny shit just happens and we laugh about it and what not. Then the next day we can't even recall shit that we did. Everything is always a blur. Like there is no such thing as times, i swear..

We: Collabs?
JV: Future collabs.. Umm, Just Leek, just layed some shit done for @tayHUNDREDS. I don't really have to many collabs, right now at least. Then again i'm not to big on collabs, i like space'n out on a whole song. But i'm always down to collab with different artists, fersure.

We: What genre would you consider yourself?
JV: Genre?.. Ummm, martian music.. aha but nah i'ont really have a certain genre. Well, i think i don't. I just like to make music that me and my nigguhs can burn and vibe to. Because as long as we like the shit, i'm happy.
 We: How did you get your rap name?
JV: My nigguhs Gwap, Blk, and myself grew up together. In like the 5th grade Gwap just started calling me Jimmy for some odd reason. Then Blk started calling me Jimmy too. And that shit just stuck with me. Then I was just hella based thinking wtf can my last name be, when i decided to make it my rap name. And I came up with Versace. Once again i don't even remember when and where that happened. Just hella on, and came up with that name.
We: Your opinion on current rap artist
JV: Offtops.. i'ont fuck with that mainstream bullshit. Honestly i like 'ignorant' ass music. Shit that makes me feel good. Mostly because i can relate to it. Not because i'm ignorant, but what certain people see as ignorance. I see as a lifestyle

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