February 16, 2013


Located:16TH X RIDGE

BLAKKLINE is a skateboard and bike shop that found its way in to the hood. Fall through for all ya PEDALIN and PUSHIN needs!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Sirs,

I'm just writing this quick message to the former owner of Blakkline bikes, in hopes that we, the current owners of, Quick Stop Bike & Gift Shop, at the same location on 16th & Ridge Ave, can have a word with you in reference to the landlord, and the whole situation that caused you to relocate, due to the trouble, it seems you we're experiencing at this location, and whether it's the same trouble as what we, the new occupants of the store front may be facing. We noticed how you trashed the place, with paint before you left, and is very interested in knowing what lead to that situation. You may reach me, Ben Wright at: benwright357@yahoo.com, so that I can email you my number, so that we can talk more privately about the situation.

Thank you kindly for your timely reply.


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